The Thomas Star: Nature And It’s Friends

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Anyway, speaking of, there’s a video below these words. The video is of me hanging up these things in case you want to do something too. You can do it in your backyard when you are on the trail.

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Police Episode One: On The Cliff!

By Thomas Darnell …. Full of funny actions and it is good for a bunch of people including kids. This is a story of the police chasing robbers up into the cliffs and then they call a helicopter.

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Mighty Machines

Mighty Machines: Mega Machines (amazon affiliate link) are awesome because of the music. The most awesome part in Mighty Machines is when they sing, “Mighty Machines”. But it is real fun because you see how things work. Inside you’ll see all sorts of mighty machine movies. And on the front of each one it says 150 minutes of fun.

The Thomas Star

Thomas is sweet because he’s sweeter than anyone in the entire family.
You know his age is eleven years old. I know that you want to know my
secret. It is, “Mom’s are the best people in the world.”
I’ll give you my favorite color. It is green. I love you.
The End.

Time To Say Please

Time to Say “Please”!(amazon affiliate link)

by mo willems

copied by thomas – I like this book so much because it is a happy book.

if you ever really want something,

really really want something, don’t just grab it!

go ask a big person and please say “please”!

there are all kinds of reasons to say “please”. when you want a turn.

When you want a toy, or to borrow someone’s truck.

When you want  to try something for the first time.

And when you want to stop!

But that’s not all! “Excuse me!” can come in handy.

And “sorry” is useful. (But you have to mean it!)

“Please”  isn’t hard to say. Just try it!

May I have a cookie please?

You may not get what you want. But  it’s hard to say “no” to “please.”

Oh, and big people love to hear “Thank you.”

You can never say “please” too often.

The End

Drive Your Car Around A Race

This is a game called “Drive Your Car Around a Race”

First, you have to choose a car, choose a color, and choose a wheel and your speed. Next, you have to write the name of your car and you have to write your password so you can get in and change things. Last, you have to race with someone else that’s playing the game. If no one else is playing the game, there will be a word that says “No one is playing this game.”

End of Instructions to play “Drive Your Car Around a Race”