Minecraft Zombie Statue and how to make Statues in Minecraft

Hi! This is Thomas, and this is my series Minecraft Tips and Tricks! If you want to know any thing or request me to show how to do something, say so in the comments!



I made a Zombie Statue a few days ago and it was very hard so I made how to make one and how to make one better.

  1. Draw a picture of what you want it to look like.
  2. Make a Skeleton for it. This means to add the outline of the character so its easier to fill in the blank spots.
  3. Make sure your colors are right. This is very, very, important in a good statue. Zombies don’t where purple sweaters, and neither should your statue.
  4. Begin to fill the blank spots in. This is kind of like a rough draft, so don’t worry about details just yet.
  5. When it’s complete, add details. Add that little hangover of the shirt, and crook that arm!

Thanks for tuning in to today’s edition of Minecraft Tip’s and Tricks!


How to build a good beginner house in Minecraft

Hi! This is Thomas, and this is my new series Minecraft Tips and Tricks! If you want to know any thing or request me to show how to do something, say so in the comments!


This is how to build a good house in Minecraft with pictures.2016-07-19_15.09.44

Make a square for the base.


Fill in the gaps, and break the whole floor down one block.


Fill in the floor with cobblestone.


Build the wall up one block.


Add the roof and door.


When you get more materials, decorate the inside.


Thats all for today!


Painting and Insect Adventure Set

Hi! I created a couple of items to help us get to the Chromosome 18 conference this July in San Antonio!

(Added by Mom: Thomas’ older sister, Lillian, has 18p-. We plan on driving from Reno as this seems to be the least expensive option. If need be, we will take a tent and camp at campgrounds on the way down. Should take about three or four days. Thanks a million for taking a look at Thomas’ creations!)

I’m selling a painting of a leaf I made with a sunset in the background. (Added by my mom: It is made using recycled materials, acrylic paint, sealant, and made ready to hang.) Here’s a picture of it:

Thomas' Painting may 2016

I am asking for at least $20 (plus $5 for shipping if you are not local to Reno). I’ll leave the final price open to you. Please use this PayPal link and enter your amount.

I’m also selling a nature adventures set. Here’s a picture of it, along with ideas of what to do with it. (Mom added this: The possibilities of how to use this set is only limited by your imagination. You can also add your own pieces to it. Hand painted and decorated storage container made using recycled materials.)

nature set adventures idea 2

The above picture is of insects enjoying a campfire.

nature set ideas one

The above picture is of a game of bowling.

nature set ideas three

The above picture is of a soccer game.

nature set ideas four

The above is a photo of what’s included in the set.

photo 5 (78)

The above picture is the hand painted storage container made by recycling materials.

(Added by Mom: Please note this set is not intended for infants or toddlers or those who will place the items in their mouth.)

I am asking for at least $20 (plus $5 for shipping if you are not local to Reno). I’ll leave the final price open to you. Please use this PayPal link and enter your amount.

And last but not least, I’m selling prints of the mini-figure 365 Photo A Day series.

(Added by my mom: You will receive an 8 X 10 print on high quality paper. The photo series is currently being made into a book! These are being sold as part of pre-ordering the book. Tentatively titled Grand Adventures of the Biggest Little Photographer. Visit this link to learn more.)

If you have any questions, please comment here or email my mom at CamillaDowns @ gmail . com …

Painted Rocks By Thomas


I had been asking my Mom what I could do to help support our trip to The Chromosome 18 Conference this July 2016 in San Antonio, Texas and to help with day-to-day things.

She told me to do something that brings me happiness and joy and that I like doing. I love painting rocks. So, I hand painted 10 rocks in various colors and styles. These are special rocks. They are from Boca Reservoir and Washoe Lake. The Boca Reservoir rocks were collected Fall 2014 and the Washoe Lake rocks were collected from the DRY lake bed in Fall 2015.

While painting some of the rocks I described to my mom some thoughts I felt. She suggested I include that information as a message with those particular rocks.

I am selling them $10 for the rocks only and $15 for the rocks with a message (plus $5 for shipping). You are welcome to offer more if it feels right to you. If you would like to offer more for your rock, use this link AFTER you have already made your purchase below.

All of the rocks.

All of the rocks.

Thomas Blue Rock April 2016 #4

Blue Rock with Message $15.00 (+ $5.00 shipping)

Thomas Heart Rock April 2016 #9

Red Rock with Hearts and a Message $15.00 (+ $5.00 Shipping) – The Above Rock Has Been SOLD!
Thomas Leaf Rock April 2016 #7

Leaf Rock and a Message $15.00 (+ $5.00 Shipping)

Thomas Red Rock April 2016 #2

Red Rock with Message $15.00 (+ $5.00 Shipping)

Thomas Smile Rock April 2016 #5

Smile Rock $10.00 (+ $5.00 Shipping)

Thomas Star Rock April 2016 #3

Star Rock $10.00 (+ $5.00 Shipping) The Above Rock Has Been SOLD

Thomas Strawberry Rock April 2016 #8

Strawberry Rock $10.00 (+ $5.00 Shipping) – SOLD – No longer available

Thomas Yellow & White Rock April 2016 #6
Yellow & White Rock $10.00 (+ $5.00 Shipping)

The Thomas News! New Years Eve Special Edition

The Thomasadarnell website will see a new series called One Man Movie coming in 2016 full speed ahead! It will be about a boy named Honas who really wants to make a movie, but doesn’t have any helpers! As the series progresses, Honas learns about self-confidence, faith, and the history of his small town in the mountains of Montana. Settle down to read Thomas’s brand new book!


Happy New Years from all of Team TLC! Celebrating the year that:

  • We reached Pluto!
  • Australia banned lion transporting!
  • 5% of all carbon emissions in the U.S. were reduced!

Lets end the year with happiness, peace, and prosperity and continue it forever and ever!



Two poems

Hi! I am writing poems about Halloween and birthdays! :


I was walking through the house
Creaking up the stairs
Banging through doors
And then…


It is my birthday
We play a lot of games
I’m turning ten!
We then go inside
And eat Camilla’s yummy
Cake with cream cheese frosting
On it!

My Birthday!!!! & Happy Halloween!!!!

Hey! My birthday is in 12 days!!! Yay!!!
I am going to be 10!!! Bye bye single digits! Also, I was a Chickasaw Indian for Halloween (because I am Chickasaw.) What were you? I can’t wait until my birthday!!!!!! Bye!

Spread Love With Love Cards

Thomas Bookmark Design May 2015

I want to help my family get to the 18p- conference this year so I am selling love cards. You pass the cards around to spread the love! On the back you can add your own messages. (My mom helped me write this post.)

My family (Team TLC) attends the Chromosome 18 Registry conference every year. My sister, Lillian, has a chromosome abnormality called 18p-. This conference is an opportunity for us to be with other families who have a family member with a chromosome 18 abnormality and learn about the latest research.

It’s important to me to attend the conference because I am friends with Lillian’s peers and because I get to talk and share with other siblings. I participate in the sibling panel and I think it’s so important and helpful.

I want to help pay for our hotel room this year. It’s $169 night! So I decided to use a bookmark design that I submitted for a bookmark contest. I won runner up!

In June 2014, I mailed myself a letter through the U.S. mail. My mom, Camilla, said I sent myself a “love letter”. Ever since then my mom has been wanting to use the love letter idea in a way to spread love to others.

So, we designed a small two sided card for people to use when they spread a random act of love to another. One side let’s the receiver know that they have just received a random act of love and the other side has my bookmark art with space for the giver to write a personal message.

Use these cards to spread love and there’s room on one side to write a custom message. Maybe one day it will come back to you!

First, these cards are to encourage more people to spread kindness and love and second, for more people to be mindful and notice when they have been the recipient of kindness and love.

My mom feels that sometimes we get so caught up in our thoughts that we don’t notice an opportunity to spread love and don’t notice when someone has shared love and kindness with us.

They can be used to simply pay someone a compliment, pick up the tab for another, give an extra big tip, leave on a windshield with an encouraging note, and for any other acts of love and kindness that you can imagine.

These cards will continue to be for sell after the conference too. My sister is selling prints of her artwork to help with the conference too! Also, my mom is selling prints of her Heart Art.

One Side:


Other Side:


Now for the fun part! You get to choose the price you pay. My mom actually prefers to call it a “love offering”. YOU choose your love offering! ($5.00 will be added to the love offering for shipping & handling.) You will receive 20 (twenty) cards with which to spread love. They are standard business card size.

You Choose Your Price!

**If you choose an extra generous purchase option, we will spread the love by gifting cards to others and spreading financial acts of love.

The effects of extended screen use

Studies show that loss of tissue mass in people who are on eletronic screens in areas called gray matter, used to process. It also effects sleep and memory.

The blue light emitted from screens strikes melanopsin in the back of our eyes, triggering headaches. The US Health Department suggests zero screen time for 2 years and under, and 1 hour for 2 to 5 year olds. But screen use is NOT all bad. People like cashiers use computers do scan barcodes, log stuff into systems, etc, etc. In fact, some studies say computers BOOST brain creativity. If you do decide to download apps, get ones that start from scrap, like Minecraft, etc, etc.
Studys say games that reward you even when you don’t complete it makes people become “lazy.” Conclusion: It is ok to use screen time, just limited.