Two poems

Hi! I am writing poems about Halloween and birthdays! :


I was walking through the house
Creaking up the stairs
Banging through doors
And then…


It is my birthday
We play a lot of games
I’m turning ten!
We then go inside
And eat Camilla’s yummy
Cake with cream cheese frosting
On it!

My Birthday!!!! & Happy Halloween!!!!

Hey! My birthday is in 12 days!!! Yay!!!
I am going to be 10!!! Bye bye single digits! Also, I was a Chickasaw Indian for Halloween (because I am Chickasaw.) What were you? I can’t wait until my birthday!!!!!! Bye!

Lillian’s 6th birthday

Lillian likes to dig in the sand and me. She’s my friend but she lives in my family. Sometimes we like going for walks and reading books together. But most of all we’re friends the most than anyone.

She likes being at the beach and the backyard but most of all she loves my Mom too. We like sitting together in bed together and making forts under them and pillows and covers. We only use those to make forts. We like playing on phones. I have a real one that used to work but it’s dead, my Mom donated it.