Conference thank-you’s

Hi! If you want to see Lillian’s version of this, go here. I’d like to thank:

Justin hope foundation

Robert downs

Nevada governor’s council on developmental disabilities

Patty and frank Romano

For covering all the costs to get us to stamford, CN for the 2014 conference.

Thank you!


Lillian’s 6th birthday

Lillian likes to dig in the sand and me. She’s my friend but she lives in my family. Sometimes we like going for walks and reading books together. But most of all we’re friends the most than anyone.

She likes being at the beach and the backyard but most of all she loves my Mom too. We like sitting together in bed together and making forts under them and pillows and covers. We only use those to make forts. We like playing on phones. I have a real one that used to work but it’s dead, my Mom donated it.

The Thomas Star

Thomas is sweet because he’s sweeter than anyone in the entire family.
You know his age is eleven years old. I know that you want to know my
secret. It is, “Mom’s are the best people in the world.”
I’ll give you my favorite color. It is green. I love you.
The End.