Mighty Machines

Mighty Machines: Mega Machines (amazon affiliate link) are awesome because of the music. The most awesome part in Mighty Machines is when they sing, “Mighty Machines”. But it is real fun because you see how things work. Inside you’ll see all sorts of mighty machine movies. And on the front of each one it says 150 minutes of fun.

Lillian’s 6th birthday

Lillian likes to dig in the sand and me. She’s my friend but she lives in my family. Sometimes we like going for walks and reading books together. But most of all we’re friends the most than anyone.

She likes being at the beach and the backyard but most of all she loves my Mom too. We like sitting together in bed together and making forts under them and pillows and covers. We only use those to make forts. We like playing on phones. I have a real one that used to work but it’s dead, my Mom donated it.

Things I Like The Best


I love Camilla and Lillian and Me! You probably know my website and speaking of websites, Mom has her own at CamillaDowns.com. In the first part of my post, I also love my little stuffed animals. The one I love the most is my puppy. I named him Fireball. Mostly, I sort of like eating healthy food. And, I like the pumpkin pie my grandparents made. It tastes good with whipped cream. Bye for now!

The Thomas Star

Thomas is sweet because he’s sweeter than anyone in the entire family.
You know his age is eleven years old. I know that you want to know my
secret. It is, “Mom’s are the best people in the world.”
I’ll give you my favorite color. It is green. I love you.
The End.

My Family

Hi my name is Thomas. You’re at my website. My family is the best to you know the best day of my life will as i was saying, I like my family because, mmmmm, well, I usually kinda of like my sister a little as much as I like Mom.

Well, right now I will tell you about my sister called Lillian Darnell. My sister is the best. I like Lillian so much. I like even Lillian’s little gifts I give to her. Lillian is a great friend and she likes playing with me. She likes exploring with me and reading books. We both like learning about animals in books. We like going outside and we like going to the beach. Lillian likes green grass and she likes my Mom too. Lillian and I sometimes like sharing beds.

Mom is nice and grateful. You can go to her website called CamillaDowns.com. Her name is Camilla Downs after all.

I’m Thomas. I like to play in the water and look at the moon. I also like green grass and pretend phones. My sister also helps when I get hurt.

Cinamon used to be our cat and she died in July 2010. She was very nice and I liked her. She was very nice and because her hair was fluffy and she was alive for a long time. She was 18 years old. Here’s a picture of our going away party for her in 2010.

Drive Your Car Around A Race

This is a game called “Drive Your Car Around a Race”

First, you have to choose a car, choose a color, and choose a wheel and your speed. Next, you have to write the name of your car and you have to write your password so you can get in and change things. Last, you have to race with someone else that’s playing the game. If no one else is playing the game, there will be a word that says “No one is playing this game.”

End of Instructions to play “Drive Your Car Around a Race”