Conference thank-you’s

Hi! If you want to see Lillian’s version of this, go here. I’d like to thank:

Justin hope foundation

Robert downs

Nevada governor’s council on developmental disabilities

Patty and frank Romano

For covering all the costs to get us to stamford, CN for the 2014 conference.

Thank you!


Mighty Machines

Mighty Machines: Mega Machines (amazon affiliate link) are awesome because of the music. The most awesome part in Mighty Machines is when they sing, “Mighty Machines”. But it is real fun because you see how things work. Inside you’ll see all sorts of mighty machine movies. And on the front of each one it says 150 minutes of fun.

Drive Your Car Around A Race

This is a game called “Drive Your Car Around a Race”

First, you have to choose a car, choose a color, and choose a wheel and your speed. Next, you have to write the name of your car and you have to write your password so you can get in and change things. Last, you have to race with someone else that’s playing the game. If no one else is playing the game, there will be a word that says “No one is playing this game.”

End of Instructions to play “Drive Your Car Around a Race”