Book club

The Magical Ms. Plum

author: Bonny Becker Illustrator: Amy Portnoy

description: a book of how ms. plums classroom gets items out of the magic closet with the soft black back. they each get taught a lesson about there issue by the creatures that come out of it. I suggest grades 3-5.

Hank the Cowdog series

Author: John R. Erickson
Illustrator: Gerald L. Holmes

These books are really funny and make me laugh. They are the adventures of hank and his friend drover. They go on many hilarious missions to keep justice and peace. I suggest K-5.

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  1. Hey Thomas- do you think candelaria classroom would like the magical Mrs plum for a read aloud? Or do you think it is too high level for 1-3 grade? Thanks for your ideas- Ms. Nicole

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