How to build a good beginner house in Minecraft

Hi! This is Thomas, and this is my new series Minecraft Tips and Tricks! If you want to know any thing or request me to show how to do something, say so in the comments!


This is how to build a good house in Minecraft with pictures.2016-07-19_15.09.44

Make a square for the base.


Fill in the gaps, and break the whole floor down one block.


Fill in the floor with cobblestone.


Build the wall up one block.


Add the roof and door.


When you get more materials, decorate the inside.


Thats all for today!


2 thoughts on “How to build a good beginner house in Minecraft

  1. At the very beginning, it’s best to build your house near the spawn point, which is where you first appear once you make your world, and where you end up in whenever you die.

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